How It Works For You

Following an initial consultation, a course of treatment will be recommended.

Your first consultation will be longer than subsequent sessions. You will be asked your medical history and about your current symptoms. The pulse will be taken and the colour and structure of your tongue will be noted in order to reach a diagnosis.

The first consultation is one to one and takes place in a private room, then subsequent sessions are in the multi-bed room. This room is large and contains a number of beds which have screens between for privacy, and where up to six patients can be treated at any one time.

Most people find this comforting to be in the same room as other people and the practiitioners while the needles are doing their work.


Quick info list -
tel - 0151-608-4798 or Leon mobile - 07935-271-456 - Emma mobile 07415-319702
clinic address- 2, Layton Avenue, Prenton, Wirral. CH43 0SQ

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