"I started acupuncture 2 years ago and since then l have never looked backed. Emma treated me with complete understanding and empathy throughout my fertility treatment following several failed pregnancies. Not only do l now have a beautiful baby boy, but through the holistic treatment l gained pain relief for osteoarthritis in my knees as well. I would highly recommend acupuncture at the Wirral Acupuncture Community Clinic. It really can change your life."

"I was wondering about the multi-bed clinic when I first heard about it, but actually I found it much better than being treated alone. I found it really comforting that there were other people in the room while I'm lying there with the needles in. It's great I can just call the practitioner over if I want an extra blanket or just a quick word or two!"

A.M - Oxton.
"I began acupuncture at the end of 2008 after 2 failed IVF attempts. I had heard that acupuncture can help with fertility so thought I would give it a try before embarking on our 3rd attempt.

I contacted Emma at the Wirral Community Clinic. At first I was very nervous and apprehensive as I was not sure what to expect but Emma made me feel extremely at ease. She was extremely approachable and understanding. I continued with the acupuncture treatment through our 3rd attempt of Ivf and I am now the very proud mummy of a wonderful baby boy.

I am certain acupuncture played a a big part in our success and would have no hesitation in recommending both Emma's private clinic and community clinic."

E.Q - Wallasey.
"Thanks so much for both the acupuncture and all your support over the years. You helped me cope with everything, and now our precious miracle, Jack is here, finally making it all worthwhile!"

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email info@communityacupuncture.org.uk
clinic address- 2, Layton Avenue, Prenton, Wirral. CH43 0SQ

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